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Catalyst is based in Rosendale, New York, amidst the richness of arts and music in the Hudson Valley. Its founder, Brian Festa, practices and teaches Percussion, Massage, and Yoga - locally - in NYC - and online. (That's me).

Through these arts, I aim to uplift the well-being of all people in this region; especially musicians.

To learn more about my offerings, click here.

And Catalyst is much more than me. I've assembled a gifted and growing team to co-create a residential Retreat and Music Center that will be the first of its kind:

A sanctuary built "by musicians, and for musicians"  that catalyzes all who visit

into their next chapter of optimal health, creativity, and musical excellence.

To learn all about the vision please watch our video below and explore the website.

We then invite you to join us to help manifest this groundbreaking-endeavor.

In Rhythm.

(Video here soon)


Our vision is to empower all people who visit & stay with us to feel embodied in their optimal state of being.


Our mission as a year-round residency, educational retreat center, venue, and multicultural hub, is to reconnect the global network of professional musicians to their bodies and their purpose by providing residencies, state-of-the-art music facilities, and holistic health care in a secluded natural setting.








Mutual Respect


Guiding Principles

Elevate musical skill

Mature professional sustainability 

Deepen the connection between wellbeing and musicianship 

Expand stylistic versatility through collaboration

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